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Christina Sherwood - Owner and Principal

Christina Sherwood is a registered teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance with 25 years experience. She began studying rigorously in 1998 gaining an RAD Teaching Diploma. After this achievement she then went to London to apply for an Honours Degree in Classical Ballet and Contextual Studies through the Royal Academy of Dance and in association with (Durham University, London).

She was accepted into the programme and completed her dissertation in 2002 and was awarded her degree in 2003. Not content to leave it a that, Christina applied to become a Practical Teaching Supervisor with the Royal Academy of Dance and was appointed in February 2006. Towards the end of 2006 she applied to become a Tutor to help new teachers in gaining a Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies and was subsequently appointed in January 2007.


B.Phil (Hons.) Ballet & Contextual Studies (2003)
RAD Practical Teaching Supervisor (2006)
Tutor – Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies (2007)


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