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Classes Available at the School

We offer a range of dance classes at the School.  Uniform requirements for each dance style can be found in the Uniforms section of the site. 

Classical Ballet and Pointe

Graded Syllabus

There are many different styles of classical ballet taught around the world.  Our classical ballet studies follow the curriculum from the Royal Academy of Dance in the UK.  Students can start from as young as 3 years old in our Ballet for Bubs class and will progress into the Graded Syllabus Pre-Primary class at approximately 5 years of age.  Students who choose to undertake and pass the RAD examinations will automatically progress to the next grade level.  Students who choose not to undertake the examinations will progress to the next grade based on the teacher's assessment in class.  Students who display exceptional ability may be selected to take on additional studies.

Each level in the RAD Graded Syllabus consists of classical ballet technique, free movement and character dance.  As students progress through each level, the difficulty and expressive requirements increase.  The approximate age for each grade is as follows:

Pre-Primary – 5 years and over
Primary – 6 years and over
Grade 1 – 7 years and over
Grade 2 – 8 years and over
Grade 3 – 9 years and over
Grade 4 – 10 years and over
Grade 5 – 11 years and over
Grade 6 – 12 years and over
Grade 7 – 13 years and over
Grade 8 – 14 years and over

All students from Grade 1 to Grade 3 who are sitting for examinations must attend at least 2 classes per week unless other arrangements have been made for private lessons.  Students who have been taking private lessons consistently gain pleasing results in their exams from year to year.

Grade 4 students are required to study ballet 3 times per week to prepare for Pointe work and for preparation into the Vocational Syllabus.  Whether your child undertakes these exams or continues in the Grades Syllabus, this level of training is beneficial to all ballet students.  Technical training is stepped up and students need to understand their bodies in order to attain this high level of training. 

Vocational Syllabus

The Vocational syllabus is designed for older children or young adults who are considering a career in professional dance, as a performer, teacher. The vocational syllabus is technically demanding and comprises only Classical Ballet and Pointe Work. Students choosing to study this series of awards are required to be competent in the fundamentals of ballet technique and movement.  Unlike the Graded Examination Syllabus, the vocational grades have to be studied in sequence and the student must successfully pass an examination at each level before progressing onto the next. The Vocational Grades are:

Intermediate Foundation - 11 years and over (non compulsory)
Intermediate - 12 years and over
Advanced Foundation - 13 years and over (non compulsory)
Advanced 1 - 14 years and over
Advanced 2 - 15 years and over
Solo Seal- Must hold their Advanced 2 with distinction

Tap Dancing - Glenn Wood Syllabus

Our tap classes follow the Glenn Wood method of dance and expression.  Examinations are available each year for students but are not compulsory.  The syllabus consists of nine levels from beginner to professional and incorporates classical technique, contemporary techniques and dynamic choreographed routines. 

Contemporary, Jazz and Hip Hop

We offer Contemporary, Jazz and Hip Hop classes which provide students with an avenue to explore the more 'funky' dance styles that have been made popular due to shows such as So You Think You Can Dance and Australia's Got Talent.  We currently do not offer scheduled examinations in these dance styles. 

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