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School Policies


Tuition Payments

All fees must be paid at the start of term i.e. when your child arrives to take part in their first class, fees are due at this time.  If you need time to consider enrolling in the School, there will be an initial fee of $25.00 which is due and payable on the first day.  This will be deducted once you have enrolled at the School and the remainder of fees will need to be paid at this time or the following week.

Failure to provide payment will result in a $25 late fee.  Please discuss any lateness in fees with the Office Manager.

Payment Policy

Any payment that is not honoured by a financial institution will result in a $25 late fee and you will be billed for any charges that have been debited to the studio’s cheque account by the financial institution.  For insufficient or neglected payments, student participation will be suspended until account is settled

No discounts or refunds are given in the event of, holidays, illness, family events, or School functions.  There is a 3% charge on all Visa and MasterCard payments.  This has now been reduced from 5% since the Academy has an electronic merchant facility.


The School offers a limited number of Scholarships each year and these are awarded to students who show dedication and willingness to work hard.  Scholarships are a privilege, not a right and the School's decision is final.

Class Attendance


Students who are tardy or come late to class may be required to make up classes. A minimum attendance level is required to maintain pace with other students in the class.

Class Make Ups (Missed Classes)

Students may make up classes by coming to the same class that meets on another day. There is no extra charge for make ups, however students interested in taking the same class twice in a week will be subject to further payment.


Students must have their hair in a bun and off their face so that the technique of classical ballet can be taught correctly.  Correct shoes, tights, leotard etc. must be worn.  NO nail polish is to be worn - students will be asked to remove it before joining the class.


Students cannot withdraw from the School at any given time.  Students are expected that once they have enrolled must remain until the end of term.  If by this stage the student wishes to withdraw then they can do so once they have completed the term. 

Duty of Care

Care of Students

The Christina Sherwood Academy of Dance regards safety as a priority and will always look after the well-being of a student. Calls will be made to parent/guardian for students left for excessive amounts of time and student may be asked to wait in the office until the Parent/guardian arrives. Please be considerate of studio hours. Parents with students under the age of 5 must inform their teacher before leaving the studio if they intend to be late collecting the student.  Christina is more than happy to have your child wait in the studio for a reasonable period of time until you can pick up your child however excessive waiting time will be billed accordingly.

Parents Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to be aware of all studio activities such as open days, performances, extra classes, and dates the studio is open or closed. Christina Sherwood Academy of Dance will post notices onto the online website, via email, inside the studio on the notice board, as well as sending home notes with the students and/or posting them in your own postal area.  It is the parent’s responsibility to check with the studio or your child to ensure you are receiving all notices.  It is also the parent’s responsibility to inform Christina Sherwood Academy of Dance of any address, telephone, or email changes.

Photo Release

Christina Sherwood Academy of Dance must have a signed consent form for your child’s photograph to be used in any advertising or display purposes.  Forms are available in the front office and must be signed when you enrol at the School.


The Green Room

The Green Room is an area where parents are invited to stay and wait for their child if necessary.  This area is a quiet area and must be treated as such.  Students in this area must be quiet so that the class before is not disturbed.  Please refrain from leaving this area untidy.  There are plenty of bins located in and out of the studio.  All children must remain in the studio once they have finished class and are not allowed in the car park area under any circumstances.

The Office Area

The Office area is for business only.  Please refrain from blocking this area, the Office Manager has much to do on a busy Saturday and is also responsible for making sure that students are collected safely and are not left to wonder outside the premises.


The Christina Sherwood Academy of Dance has 3 toilets in and around the studio.  The boys and the girl’s toilet on the outside of the building are not to be used and are generally locked.  The toilet next to the office is for students and this area is checked diligently if your child needs to go during class.  Students must notify a teacher, office worker, etc. before going to the bathroom. Students under 7 must be accompanied by a teacher from the Christina Sherwood Academy of Dance and the School will not be held responsible for children who do not abide by our policy.  Christina Sherwood Academy of Dance takes safety very seriously and always keeps the best interest of its students in mind.  Parents, please allow time for your children to use the bathroom before class so as not to delay instruction.

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